Anti-social media

This information is to help you identify and avoid potential issues and ensure a rewarding experience using social media.

How to use Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are a great way to manage your account and the information you get from it.

Managing Facebook privacy

Just taking a few minutes to change your Facebook settings should protect you from identity fraud or other unwanted attention.

Managing email

At times it can feel as if email is ruling your life – constantly dealing with a barrage of new messages you never get time to tackle any of your real work tasks. Here are some tips for managing email more effectively.

Why blog?

There are many articles and blogs on the subject of student blogging and the benefits it can bring. We’ve summarised 5 of the most popular points.

Identity theft and fraud

Posting personal information on the internet can lead to unwanted attention – including identity fraud.

How to shorten a URL using

Ever wondered how to shorten a URL using Emma Meese from the Centre for Community Journalism shows us how in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea!

Protecting you and your data online

Some considerations to bear in mind when providing personal information on social networks.

Finding royalty free images online

They say an image is worth a thousand words and there’s no doubt that adding images to your blog or social media activity makes it more engaging.

Tips on writing good blog posts

Hints and tips on maintaining a successful blog.

Insight Series

One of the best ways to get inspired and learn more about using social media is to hear from colleagues and peers who are already successfully using these tools. Our Insight Series features stories and case studies from Cardiff University staff who tel …

Spotlight on: social media and the law

As the number of legal cases involving social media increases it is important for all users to have a grasp of the legal consequences of social media misuse.

Think Digital for Academics

Social and digital tools are being used more and more by academics to support their work in a variety of ways. From finding, using and disseminating information to connecting with your peers and developing new networks, the opportunities social media o …