What People Say

What our Parents and Individuals with ASD have to say about us!

“When I went to the University, it was reassuring to be met in the foyer of the psychology building and guided (in the lift) to the department. I visited three times and it was always calm and quiet.  I was offered a drink before we started and we sat on comfortable couches throughout the visit.  The researcher was very flexible; if you showed signs of getting tired or confused you were offered the chance to stop answering one sort of question and move on, or to stop altogether. I completed my questionnaires, partly at home and partly at WARC.  I skipped some parts of the questionnaires altogether: but I was assured that my contribution was still useful” ~ Sarah Barker (parent)

“I think it’s important that families become involved in research as that helps us to stay informed” ~ Jenny (parent)

“WARC is a very welcoming environment. It’s important for parents to get involved as we know so much about autism through our experiences and WARC can use this knowledge in their scientific research to help those with autism and those affected by autism now and in the future”  ~ Kath Smith (parent)

“I have really enjoyed participating in a number of the research projects at WARC as it made me step back and take a look at my role as a parent with an ASD child. It was also the first time anyone has asked me questions about how it feels and I found that very therapeutic” ~ Nicky Hall (parent)