For Parents and Professionals

WARC Resources

Research Aware Booklet

Research Aware Booklet This ESRC funded booklet has been developed for parents of children with Autism. It is designed to provide information to guide them when choosing an intervention.


Research Aware Bookmark

Research Aware Bookmark This bookmark accompanies the Research Aware booklet.


Autism Research Toolkit

Autism Research Toolkit A research-aware resource for professionals working with Autism Spectrum Disorder Interventions.


Neuroimaging book

Neuroimaging Research Booklet – In this booklet, we will introduce some of the methods of brain imaging that are used by WARC and describe what it is like to take part in a brain imaging study.

Visit the mock scanner

And MEG and MRI scans 

Research Outputs

The project reports for grants and research conducted at WARC can be read here.