The influential constitutional thinktank, The UK’s Changing Union project, has today (Friday 19 September 2014) called for a new constitutional settlement for the United Kingdom in light of the NO vote in the Scottish independence referendum. In an open letter to the leaders of the UK Government and the devolved governments of Wales, Scotland and […]

Littered throughout the Scottish Government’s independence White Paper, and something which has repeatedly emerged as a theme throughout the course of the Yes campaign in Scotland, has been a message that a vote for independence will help to create a fairer society throughout Scotland. Indeed, within Scotland’s Future, countless references are made throughout to the […]

Central to the devolution journeys in both Wales and Scotland is the claim that both countries ‘do things differently’ to England. In numerous referenda, campaigns have been fought on the basis of a difference of values between the devolved nations and England, with emphasis placed on social justice, fairness, and equality. This rhetoric was prevalent […]

As the independence debate continues to rage in London, Edinburgh, the market squares and side streets of Scotland, Wales looks on from a perspective of either fevered excitement or bemused apathy. But the referendum – and especially the negotiations that follow – will matter very much to Wales’ future. Wales should expect that the wheels […]

Twenty-five years ago a favourite author of mine, Francis Fukuyama, proposed that we were experiencing the ‘end of history’, and that the stable, homogenous and neoliberal state was the ultimate end point in organising human political and economic behaviour. The overwhelmingly positive essay was written as the cold war drew to a close, and looking […]

New research shows that people in England want a hard line to be taken with Scotland, whatever the outcome of the independence referendum on 18th September. The views of English voters are not only starkly at odds with those of the Scottish Government regarding what should follow from a Yes vote. They also contradict the […]