New research shows that people in England want a hard line to be taken with Scotland, whatever the outcome of the independence referendum on 18th September. The views of English voters are not only starkly at odds with those of the Scottish Government regarding what should follow from a Yes vote. They also contradict the […]

How British people define their national identity will influence voting patterns in the forthcoming European elections, producing widely differing outcomes across the UK, research suggests A study shows that the UK Independence Party’s (UKIP) electoral appeal is much stronger in England than in Scotland or Wales, with Scots significantly more in favour of staying in […]

Exactly two years ahead of Scotland’s planned day of independence on March 24th 2016, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has set out a timetable for delivering Scotland’s interim written constitution. As part of her Wales Governance Centre Annual Lecture in Cardiff, Ms Sturgeon announced that – as part of the Scottish Government’s ongoing preparations for […]

Education is of fundamental importance when it comes to the current devolution settlement and the prospect of further devolution amongst young people in Wales according to a new report released today by Our Future- an organisation examining the future of the constitution on behalf of young people. The report, “Young People, Employment and Devolution in […]

The Wales Bill should be amended to transfer powers over the conduct of NAW elections to the National Assembly Providing evidence to the House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee on the Draft Wales Bill, Professor Roger Scully has asserted that the Wales Bill should be amended to transfer powers over the conduct of NAW elections […]

English believe they get a raw deal from membership of both the UK & the EU There is a strong relationship between Euroscepticism in England and English (rather than British) national identity, according to a new report published by the think tank IPPR and Cardiff and Edinburgh Universities. While more than half of people living […]

A new report published today calls for an increase in the number of Assembly Members (AMs) from the current 60 to a more effective 100. The report, Size Matters – Making the National Assembly more effective, which has been produced jointly by the UK’s Changing Union and the Electoral Reform Society Cymru, represents the first […]

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