A new article by one of the Centre’s PhD students, Adam Evans, has today been published as early access online in Contemporary British History. The article, titled, “An Interlude of Agreement? A Reassessment of the Conference on Devolution’s ‘Consensus’ on Powers” is based on Adam’s work for his PhD thesis. The abstract for the article […]

Owen Smith MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, will tonight (Thursday 12 February 2015) call for a new era of partnership, respect and equality between the Westminster and Welsh governments. The lecture, which is being hosted by the Wales Governance Centre is the first in a series of lectures looking at the Welsh leaders […]

The UK’s Changing Union project has been a collaboration between the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University, the Institute of Welsh Affairs and Cymru Yfory/Tomorrow’s Wales. The project itself has been working on the devolution settlement in Wales and across the United Kingdom over the past three years. The project has been kindly funded by […]

The UK Government’s failure to give serious and formal consideration to the Welsh First Minister’s proposal for a UK Constitutional Convention is a sign that the union is not working properly, according to a Welsh partnership that has been studying the UK’s changing union over the past three years. The UK’s Changing Union project, a […]

Concerns have been raised that the “local” jobs promised from the building of the new North Wales “super prison” in Wrexham will never materialize. This follows the release of new research by the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University that shows that the definition of “local area” been used in the context of the project […]

Inter-governmental relations in the United Kingdom are loose, unstructured and risk undermining the whole devolution project, says a new report released by the UK’s Changing Union project. The UK’s Changing Union report finds that key issues affecting the devolved governments of the United Kingdom are often overlooked by Whitehall, by accident as well as deliberately, and […]

Research (released today Thursday 11 December 2014) shows that English voters prefer the option of English Votes for English Laws (EVEL), widely believed to be the frontrunner in the government’s consideration of the West Lothian Question. 40% of English voters opted for giving English MPs an exclusive say at Westminster over legislation that applies solely […]