The Research activities of the Wales Governance Centre are organised under four main headings:

Public Policy

The advent of devolved government has led to the development of a distinctive public policy agenda in Wales, which the WGC seeks to both track and critically evaluate.

Political Economy

The financing of devolved/regional government is a key issue in sub-state territorial governance both in UK and the wider world. Through its activities the WGC seeks to trace and contribute to these key debates.

Politics and Government

Devolution has changed the face of government and politics in Wales, creating distinctive political institutions and a specifically Welsh party system. The WGC seeks to assess the impact of constitutional, institutional and party political developments in Wales, viewing developments in a comparative context

The Law of Wales

The advent of devolution has led to the further development of Wales as a distinctive legal space characterised not only by differences in public law but also by an increasingly distinctive network of legal institutions. The WGC seeks to foster expertise in, and critically assess developments in, Welsh law.