The current research projects of the Wales Governance Centre are outlined below. Click on each heading to find out further information linked to each project.

Wales Fiscal Analysis

Wales Fiscal Analysis (WFA) is a new research body within Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre that undertakes authoritative and independent research into the public finances, taxation and public expenditures of Wales.

Government Expenditure and Revenue Wales

Government Expenditure and Revenue Wales (GERW) is a project based at the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University. GERW provides disaggregated public spending, taxation and other economic data for Wales and presents an estimate the nation’s overall net fiscal balance.

Justice in Wales

This project seeks to map out the developing justice system in Wales following devolution.

Wales and the EU Hub

This project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council under their “UK in a Changing Europe” programme and is hosted both by the Wales Governance Centre and the Centre for European Law and Governance at Cardiff University.

This landmark project intends to support informed and balanced discussion about Wales and the EU in the context of the forthcoming EU referendum. Further information on the events and research programme can be seen by clicking here.

Welsh Election Study

The Centre has been awarded funding from the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council for the 2016 Welsh Election Study. This is a project to explore and understand the political dynamics surrounding next year’s Assembly election. Its main components will be:

  • A study of Voters, which will include a three-wave survey of a representative sample of the Welsh electorate;
  • A study of Local Campaigning – which may, potentially, take some rather different forms under the AMS system we use for Assembly elections than it does under First Past the Post; and
  • A study of Social Media Activity surrounding the election.
  • A consultation event on the study will be held in Cardiff in December.