Reflect: An evaluation of the Barnardo’s and Newport City Council Reflect Scheme

An analysis of the ‘Reflect’ project which aims to help women prevent repeat pregnancy where child removal is a likely outcome.

Dr Louise Roberts Dr Nina Maxwell

The primary aim of the Reflect project is to prevent women who have experienced the compulsory removal of a child from experiencing a repeat pregnancy in the short-term, whilst successive child removal remains the most likely outcome.

Public Health Wales have provided funding for CASCADE to conduct qualitative interviews with women engaged with the Reflect project as well as a case file analysis. The primary outcome measures of the research will focus on improvements to contraception status and the avoidance of repeat pregnancy. In addition, the research will seek to learn more about the women who are vulnerable to experiencing multiples losses of children to the care system, the nature of emotional and practical support the women receive over the course of their engagement with the service, and indicators of positive progression.

The case file analysis of progress and / or continued difficulties will be sought in the following areas:

  • Contraception status
  • Pregnancy
  • Individual well-being
  • External agency engagement (e.g. mental health, drug / alcohol support, relationship support)
  • Education / skills / employment
  • Housing
  • Finances

The qualitative interviews will be conducted with up to twenty women as they come to the end of their engagement with the project to capture the perspectives of women who have both long and short, intensive and less frequent support patterns. The interviews will also explore women’s experiences of the support, perceptions of change and progress, future hopes and potential improvements to the service.

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March 2016 onwards. Funded by Public Health Wales