Brain Mapping Seminars

Our Brain Mapping Seminars and CUBRIC Scientific Forums take place on Mondays at 12.10pm in the CUBRIC Seminar Rooms

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title
25-Jan-16 Chris Wright UCL Understanding Ultrasound Neurostimulation
14-Sep-15 CUBRIC Town Hall Meeting Cardiff University The CUBRIC Directorate and CUBRIC Project Team are pleased to invite you along to a ‘town hall’ meeting on Monday 14th September at 12:10 p.m. in the Main Lecture Theatre of the School of Optometry.
03-Aug-15 Ma Da & Nicholas Powell UCL Image processing and analysis of preclinical MRI
07-Jul-15 Marc Poulin University of Calgary Effects of exercise on cognition and brain health in older adults: probing the biological mechanisms using translational physiology.PLEASE NOTE THIS TALK STARTS AT 3PM.
06-Jul-15 Brain Games Briefing Cardiff University Briefing for those interested in helping out with a Brain Games booth at the autumn party conferences.
29-Jun-15 Shaihan Malik King’s College, London Patient specific MRI sequence design using Direct Signal Control
22-Jun-15 Shu Yau Aston Brain Centre Using MEG to study the link between auditory processing and language impairment in children with autism spectrum disorders
08-Jun-15 Duncan McLauchlan Cardiff University The neurobiological basis for apathy in Huntington’s disease
18-May-15 Ilona Lipp Cardiff University Pre-Project Presentation: Predicting the individual’s potential for functional recovery in Multiple Sclerosis
18-May-15 Claudia Metzler-Baddeley Cardiff University Dynamic characteristics of training- related plasticity in the healthy and diseased brain
05-May-15 Dr Sarang Dalal Universitat Konstanz Interactions between oscillations in the cerebral cortex and the retina
20-Apr-15 Benjamin Tendler Nottingham University Measuring variation in white matter microstructure using gradient echo imaging at 7T
13-Apr-15 Peter Uhlhaas Glasgow University Magnetoencephalography and neural oscillations in schizophrenia; a translational perspective
23-Mar-15 Stephen Hall Plymouth University Motor Cortex Oscillations: From Physiological Mechanisms to Functional Significance
16-Mar-15 Chris Chambers & David McGonigle Cardiff University A brief introduction to (the future of) tES in Cardiff
09-Mar-15 Jessica Steventon Cardiff University Searching for biomarkers in Huntington’s Disease using Translational Neuroimaging
02-Mar-15 Giando Iannetti UCL Avoiding pain: cortical responses to nociceptive stimuli and defensive movements
23-Feb-15 Risto Kauppinen Bristol University Absolute T2 MRI of the Brain:  An update
16-Feb-15 Jeremy Hall Cardiff University Meeting the neighbours – CUBRIC and NMHRI
16-Feb-15 Catherine Foster and Jess Steventon Cardiff University CSF:  Effects of Exercise on Brain Structure, Function and Cognition.
09-Feb-15 Clare Hanley Cardiff University CSF:  Determining the neurobiological underpinnings of transcranial direct current stimulation via magentic resonance spectroscopy
02-Feb-15 Declan Chard UCL Title to be confirmed
26-Jan-15 Andy Alexander University of Wisconsin Quantitative Imaging with Radial MRI