Brain Mapping Seminars

Our Brain Mapping Seminars and CUBRIC Scientific Forums take place on Mondays at 12.10pm in the CUBRIC Seminar Rooms

Date Speaker Institution Talk Title
25-Jan-16 Chris Wright University College London Understanding Ultrasound Neurostimulation
14-Dec-15 Jelle Veraart University of Antwerp To be confirmed
07-Dec-15 Laura Parkes University of Manchester To be confirmed
30-Nov-15 Daniel Marguiles Max Planck Institute Investigating topographic principles of large-scale cortical connectivity
23-Nov-15 Kamil Uludag University of Maastricht Understanding the fMRI hemodynamic response and high-field imaging
16-Nov-15 Ludovica Griffanti University of Oxford White matter hyperintensities in people at risk of vascular cognitive impairment: automatic segmentation and association with cognition
09-Nov-15 Dafnis Batalle King’s College London Weighting structural brain networks with microstructural features and its application to study prematurity
02-Nov-15 Rachael Elward University College London Selective Recollection: Getting to the relevant feature of a multi-featural memory
26-Oct-15 Natalie Voets University of Oxford Imaging Hippocampal Network Dysfunction in Epilepsy
19-Oct-15 Xavier Caseras Cardiff University 1000 brains: Update on CUBRIC biobanking
12-Oct-15 Dr Robert Turner University of Cambridge 7T MRI: A Game-Changer for Human Neuroscience
05-Oct-15 Alex Shaw Cardiff University Effects of ketamine on cortical oscillations: evidence for preclinical models of disinhibition
28-Sep-15 Dr. Helen Stolp King’s College London Clarifying the brain: Bridging the gap between MRI and histology