Modern Languages

Cardiff Confucius Institute – Chinese in Schools Programme

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The Chinese in schools programme is managed by the Cardiff Confucius Institute which is one of 500 Confucius Institutes around the world. The focus of Cardiff Confucius Institute is on language teaching and is built upon the vast breadth of expertise based at the university's School of Modern Languages. To find out about the range of Chinese language courses and programmes offered to primary and secondary schools visit

Routes into Languages Cymru


Routes into Languages Cymru is a pan-Wales project that aims to improve the uptake of modern languages in schools. Funded by five Welsh universities and other institutions, and with two operational hubs in Cardiff University and Bangor University, Routes Cymru coordinates a number of events for language learners from year 7 to year 13. Routes Cymru’s flagship activities include:

*Student Ambassadors – Routes Cymru Student Ambasadors support outreach events and offer a variety of activities including school careers talks, language taster sessions and support careers fairs/open days.

*Lingomap – LingoMap is the successor to the award-winning ‘Adopt a Class’ scheme, redesigned to make use of new technologies and aim to reach a wider classroom audience across Wales. Follow our Language Ambassadors around the globe as they embark on their third year abroad. Tasked with writing blogs on specific topics from the GCSE exam specification, the students share personal highlights and cultural flavours from across Europe and beyond. LingoMap also provides a visual and interactive platform to show pupils the global opportunities available to them through studying languages. For further details please go to

*Film Masterclasses – Covering films on the A-level curriculum for French, Spanish and German, students have the opportunity to participate in an interactive seminar with a member of our academic staff. This not only benefits the student academically, but it also gives them a real idea about how exciting and interesting it is studying languages at Cardiff University. This film season will take place during the Spring Term.

*National Spelling Bee Competition – This annual event is designed to support students in year 7 who are studying French, German, Spanish and Welsh Second Language. The competition enables pupils to improve their spelling and vocabulary, encourages correct pronunciation and most importantly raises confidence levels. The competition culminated in the Spelling Bee National Final at the end of the summer term.

Student Teaching Scheme


Cardiff University School of Modern Languages is supporting the teaching and learning of foreign languages in schools and colleges. The Student Teaching Scheme engages two sets of inter-linked learners: final year Modern Languages students at Cardiff University and secondary-school pupils learning foreign languages in regional schools. The University students receive practical and theoretical pedagogical training by University staff and external partners, then gain mentored teaching experience in the local schools. They observe teaching by professionals, support classroom activities and lead teaching sessions using new learning resources they generate themselves. Students also organise and run a languages study day in the University for year 9 pupils, to encourage them to continue with languages. If you would like to become involved, please contact Liz Wren-Owens at the email address below: