College Lecture Series: Kidney Stones, Gut Bacteria and Oxalate Chemistry

07/12/2017, 18:00 - 19:00


Cardiff University’s College of Physical Sciences and Engineering invites you to the third lecture in our inaugural Lecture Series, delivered by Professor Nigel Richards from our School of Chemistry.

Title: “Kidney Stones, Gut Bacteria and Oxalate Chemistry”

There is increased interest in how gut bacteria interact with humans to maintain health in addition to aiding food digestion. This is an especially important area of research given the widespread use of antibiotics that kill both gut bacteria and disease-causing bacteria. Indeed, the increasing incidence of calcium oxalate kidney stones in many Western and Asian populations may have its origins in altered populations of gut bacteria. In this lecture I will discuss our work on understanding how a specific gut-dwelling bacterium breaks down oxalate in the large intestine and may thereby protect humans against forming calcium oxalate kidney stones and other oxalate-related diseases. In addition, I will also outline what these studies have revealed about how enzymes can catalyze the breakdown of oxalate (a toxic molecule) into non-toxic compounds.

**The Lecture takes place from 6-7pm in Cardiff University’s Main Building on Park Place, however please join us for refreshments from 5pm in the VJ Gallery, and again after the Lecture. The VJ Gallery can be accessed via the Cathays Park or car park entrances.**

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