Emergent Technologies: The Transnational Challenge to Security and Justice

30/11/2017 - 01/12/2017, All Day

A two day workshop jointly organised by the Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice and the Cardiff Centre of Law and Society.

It will examine the current and likely future impact of emergent technologies on the organisation and prevention of key security threats and on legal process and practice.

The focus will be technologies with the potential to disrupt established routines and licit markets such as mobile internet (smart phones and social networking services), ‘big data’, the rise of autonomous vehicles (such as drones for surveillance and counter-surveillance), advanced robotics and 3-D printing.

Booking: Information available by e-mail from Dr Adam Edwards


Venue: School of Social Sciences, Glamorgan Building, Committee Rooms, CF10 3WT


Day One Thursday 30th November 2017 


12.30 -13.30 Buffet lunch


Session 1: 13.30 – 15.30 Welcome/Introduction

  • Adam Edwards (Cardiff University), William Housley (Cardiff University), Marina Jirotka (Oxford University), Robert Procter (Warwick University) and Helena Webb (Oxford University): Social media, security and justice: a disruptive technology in retrospect and prospect
  • John Cooper QC: Reflections on the impact of social media on criminal justice
  • Madeline Carr (University College London): The Internet of Things as Critical Infrastructure: Thinking through global security implications


Coffee break: 15.30 -15.45


Session 2: 15.45 -17.45

  • Ugo Pagallo (University of Turin): The Adventures of Picciotto Roboto 2.0 and the Procedural Side of the law
  • Harry Collins (Cardiff University): Are intelligent machines social?
  • Marina Jirotka and Alan Winfield (Oxford University) Robotics and security: implications for responsible research and innovation (RRI)

Dinner at Laguna Restaurant, Park Plaza Hotel: 19.00


Day Two Friday 1st December 2017 


09.00 – 09.15 Tea/coffee


Session 3: 09.15 – 11.15

  • Lyria Bennett Moses and Janet Chan (University of New South Wales): Big data analytics for cyber security: opportunities and risks
  • Monique Mann & Angela Daly (Queensland University of Technology): From the Cyber to the 3D Printer: Darknet Design Files, 3D Printed Firearms and Legal Decentralisation
  • Peter Squires (Brighton University): Guns, technology and crime


Coffee Break: 11.15 – 11.30


Session 4: 11.30-13.30

  • Michael Levi (Cardiff University): FinTech and the future of fraud
  • Luca Giommoni (Cardiff University): Policing cryptomarkets: a review of the impact of police operations on cryptomarkets
  • Michael McGuire (Surrey University): Crime, Justice and Technomia

Working lunch to discuss next steps: 13.30 – 14.00

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Glamorgan Building
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Information available by e-mail from Dr Adam Edwards - edwardsa2@cardiff.ac.uk


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