04/11/2017, 17:30 - 21:30

£5.37 – £5.90

A multi-narrative journey that weaves between three families in present-day Bradford, where three worlds collide and leave a Muslim scholar fighting for his life. Yusif, the son of Mosque scholar Rehman, is doing his best to keep his dad’s dream at arms length. Zac is from a White working class family whose troubles hit fifth gear due to his radical behaviour. Khadija is second generation Iraqi and a recent graduate in Politics whose ambitions are about to be put to the test. Fuelled by yet another grooming case making the headlines, they must face the storm before the calm – and they call it ‘Islamophobia

Wheelchair access provided

Q&A panel:

  • Conor Ibrahiem – Director of Freesia
  • Dr Abdul Azim – Muslim Council of Wales
  • Afsaneh Dehrouyeh – Leading actress, Freesia
  • Irfan Nazir – Actor, Freesia
  • Amanda Rebecca Morris – MEND
  • Abyd Quinn Aziz (Chair) – Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University
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Julian Hodge Building
Colum Drive
CF10 3EU

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