German Cinema Series 2017-18: Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer (The People vs. Fritz Bauer)

20/03/2018, 18:30 - 20:30


A film screening of Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer (The people vs. Fritz Bauer), as part of the German Cinema Series 2017-18.

Germany, 1957. Attorney General Fritz Bauer receives crucial evidence on the whereabouts of SS-Obersturmbannf├╝hrer Adolf Eichmann. The lieutenant colonel, responsible for the mass deportation of the Jews, is allegedly hiding in Buenos Aires. Bauer, himself Jewish, has been trying to take crimes from the Third Reich to court ever since his return from Danish exile. However, there is no success so far due to the fierce German determination to repress its sinister past. Bauer is not seeking revenge for the Holocaust – he is concerned with the German future.

This film has English subtitles (Germany, 2015, 105 minutes)

Especially recommended for staff and students interested in German History and Culture, National Socialism and its aftermath.

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