German Cinema Series 2017-18: Der Nachtmahr (The Nightmare)

31/10/2017, 18:30 - 20:30


A film screening of Der Nachtmahr (The Nightmare) as part of the German Cinema Series 2017-18.

17-year-old Tina has it all: She is pretty, has great friends, comes from a good family and is about to get together with the hottest guy at the school. But after a party, weird nightmares about a creepy creature start haunting her. Soon, reality and dream start to blur and while Tina feels a strange connection to the creature, her parents and friends think she is crazy until they begin to see what she sees with their own eyes.

This film has English subtitles (Germany, 2016, 92 minutes).

Especially recommended for students and staff who are interested in seeing the German take on the horror genre and Halloween-lovers.

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2.18, School of Modern Languages
66a Park Place
CF10 3AS

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German Cinema Series