Glamorgan Lecture Series – What is to be Done About Health Inequalities?

19/11/2013, 17:30 - 19:30


Inequalities in health within the population of the UK remain a major concern for policy-makers and citizens, and these inequalities appear to be showing minimal signs of narrowing.

Over the past thirty years our understanding of health inequalities has increased considerably, as new sources of data have become available and new interpretations of what they reveal have been developed.

In spite of this, health inequalities remain stubbornly resistant to improvement. While there is always more to be known, the problem we face now is how to turn the knowledge we have into effective and equitable policies and actions, both within the health sector and across government.

In this Glamorgan Lecture we discuss the relationship between what we know and what we can do, and explore what options and opportunities there are for hard-pressed governments, professionals and members of local communities.


Dr Ruth Hussey
Chief Medical Officer with the Welsh Government

Professor Kate Pickett
Department of Health Sciences, University of York

Dr Katherine Smith
School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

The Glamorgan Lecture Series is a collaborative seminar series which brings together interdisciplinary themes from both the School of Planning and Geography and the School of Social Sciences. These events are designed to bring together academics, policy-makers, professionals and members of different communities of place and interest, with an emphasis on open discussion.

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