Johannine Riddle: A Survey of Modern Scholarship (From Bultmann to Present)

11/10/2017, 15:30 - 16:30


Speaker: Bilal Pataci (Istanbul University)

Chair: Edward Kaneen

The Gospel of John, also sometimes referred to as the “Fourth Gospel”, is arguably the most studied work in the New Testament. It is certainly the most studied of the four Gospels. It has triggered an enormous range of academic studies, involving wildly different methods and approaches. More than 1,000 titles have been published since the beginning of the 20th century, twenty per cent of those in the last fifteen years alone. In this presentation my aim is to outline the progress of Johannine studies in the past century beginning from Rudolph Bultmann’s landmark study, his Commentary on John, first published in 1941. I will try to identify some of the main turning points in this history and end with the question: what kind of approaches we can anticipate for the future. In doing so I will also consider my own perspective and ask why the Fourth Gospel as a key early Christian work should be interesting for historians of religion far beyond Christianity.


Bilal Pataci is a Researcher in the History of Religions at Istanbul University.  His present research project focuses on the Gospel of John and its relationship with Jewish symbolism and Graeco-Roman culture

Edward Kaneen is Tutor in Biblical Studies at the South Wales Baptist College

The seminar starts at 3.30pm.  Wine and cake available from 3.20pm.


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Religion & Theology Research Seminar Series