What’s sharing got to do with it? A workshop on economic and social futures

02/11/2017, 13:30 - 19:00


In the last five years, ‘sharing economy’ has become a buzz-word for a wide range of practices, initiatives and businesses that introduce sharing as a key principle in economic and social relations. While the initial hype around the so-called ‘sharing economy’ has calmed, the endurance and ongoing development of both the sharing economy’s big businesses and other more grassroots or localised initiatives suggests there is still much to be discussed and resolved.

At the same time, we appear to be facing a crescendo of economic, ecological, political and other crises. Sharing has therefore also gained popular interest for the possibilities it offers for generating resilience, communalising resources, nurturing community and reducing environmental impacts. These crises also raise ethical and political challenges for sharing, whether because of its informality or the exploitation and instability it can present for workers in the sector and communities at risk of gentrification.

This event uses the launch of the new edited collection, published by Routledge, Sharing Economies in Times of Crisis: Practices, Politics and Possibilities (eds. Anthony Ince and Sarah Marie Hall), as a launchpad for exploring wider questions about the role of sharing in contemporary economies. While the book itself is academic-focused, the event emphasises practical applications of sharing, and warmly welcomes a wide range of participants from all walks of life.

This participatory and interactive event hears from academic studies on a variety of sharing-based initiatives and practices – from buying rounds in the pub, to nearly-new children’s sales, and food banking to sewing skill swapping – before developing a collective ‘Manifesto For Sharing’ that seeks to both harness the benefits and address its challenges. In doing so, the event encourages participants to think critically and constructively about sharing as a pervasive practice amidst turbulence and change, and how it can help activists, scholars, policy-makers and citizens alike to find creative solutions to pressing challenges; and to do so collectively.

Audience: The event welcomes anyone interested in sharing economies and sharing more broadly, including academics, activists, policy-makers, and other practitioners.

Confirmed speakers: Sarah Marie Hall (University of Manchester), Mark Jayne (Cardiff University), Nicola Livingstone (UCL), and Laura Pottinger (University of Manchester).

Chaired by: Anthony Ince (Cardiff University)

13.30-14.00: Welcome and registration

14.00-15.00: Guest speakers and discussion
15.00-15.15: Break
15.15-16.15: Activity 1
16.15-16.30: Break
16.30-17.00: Activity 2
17.00-18.00: Feedback and close

18.00-19.00: Drinks reception

Programme subject to change

*This event will be delivered through the medium of English.

Photo credit: Helen Ince

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