For Staff

These pages will help members of staff in the Humanities, and other schools, at Cardiff University keep up to date with what is happening in the world of research, what other staff have been up to and the activities of the Humanities Connect forum.
For regular updates please do follow the Humanities Connect Twitter feed to hear instantly about events, news and research funding opportunities.

These pages are split into various sections:

Research Development

This page will give you information on what support is available for you as Humanities academic staff through the University’s Research and Commercial Division (but don’t forget to speak to you own School’s Research Admin staff as well!)

Research Application Process

This is a quick guide to the funding application process from the moment you have an idea to the start date of your project.

Events & Training

Humanities Connect and the University will be arranging various events, workshops and training opportunities internally for academic staff. Details of these can be found on this page, so keep an eye on it. We’ll tweet with links of course!

Research Governance

Humanities academics are not immune to dealing with ethics and governance issues. Follow the link and you will find a rough guide to research governance and information on who to contact, for what and when.

Commercial Development and Knowledge Exchange

Increasingly Research is becoming more and more about getting out into the world and not just academia. This page will give you information on who to contact and what to do if you want to work with or for someone outside of the University.

For more detailed information, or for anything not covered here, please see the RACDV web pages.