05 Nov 2012
SHARE for Andante
Dayschool: Early Travellers in Egypt
Andante Travels
Highclere Castle, 10
All paying visitors via Andante

07 Nov 2012
EUROP Wales Governance Centre
Conference: Law, Policy and Politics in Wales
Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay, 9.00am-5.00pm
All Welcome

8-9 Nov 2012
Conference: SMA Postgraduate Colloquium
Various + keynote speaker (Dr Alan Lane)
Humanities tbc 2.01 4.45 4.43 4.44, 9am
Paying attendees or members of the society only

16 Nov 2012
Conference: Transitions
Graduate Centre
All Welcome

10 Dec 2012
EUROP ESRC Doctoral Training Centre
Conference: Research in Progress Conference
EUROP – TBC, 9.00am-5.00pm
All Staff and PGRs

11-12 Jan 2013
SHARE Archaeology Department – contact J Mulville
Conference: 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference
Friday Hums 2.01 tbc, Sat St Fagans National History Museum,
Paying attendees

17 Jan 2013
EUROP Representing Mobility and Migration in European Cultures
Conference: ‘Picturing Others: Photography and Human Rights’
TBC, All Day
All Welcome

25 Feb 2013
SHARE for Andante
Dayschool: Early Travellers in Egypt
Andante Travels
Highclere Castle, 10:00
All paying visitors via Andante
Andante Travels

25 Mar 2013
EUROP Political Studies Association
Conference: The Party’s Over? 63rd Political Studies Association Annual International Conference
City Hall, Cardiff, All Day
All Welcome

03 Apr 2013
Conference: AGS Conference
Academics in the Field of German Studies
Glamorgan Building, All Day

23 May 2013
EUROP European Governance, Identity & Public Policy
Conference: Europeanising Devolution
TBC, 10.00am-5.00pm
All Welcome

11-15 June 2013
Conference: TBC
Contact Josef Lossl

24-27 June 2013
Conference: International Conference on Music in Nineteenth Century Britain

30-31 August 2013
SHARE Archaeology Department
Conference: UKAS
Contact J Mulville