Research Development

Cinzia Yates is the Research Development Officer for Arts and Humanities, based in Research, Innovation and Enterprise Services.  Cinzia provides support for Humanities Connect, REACT in Wales as well as aspects of research development, support and advice on research or consultancy proposals, costings for projects, research contracts and any other queries relating to research support. Due to demand, it is encouraged that smaller or individual bids are developed with the relevant school where possible. Cinzia is happy to help with with large or strategic bid development.

You can arrange one-to-one meetings with Cinzia to discuss your research plans and funding ideas.

A full guide to applying for Research Funding can be found on this website here.

Contact details: Cinzia Yates

External funding opportunities

There are a number of sources of information on funding opportunities:

  • Keep an eye on for the Twitter/Facebook feed on this site as well as blog posts and updates via the web.
  • The University maintains a subscription to, which is freely available to all University staff and students. This is an on-line database that can be searched for research funding opportunities by key-word or subject area. Users can also subscribe to regular email alerts, tailored to specific criteria.
  • The British Academy, Leverhulme, AHRC and ESRC have excellent websites will all the up to date funding opportunities aimed at the Arts & Humanities. But keep an eye on other funding councils and news for less obvious tips. The staff at the funding councils are very friendly and can often help you over the telephone.

Collaborations and Knowledge Transfer

Humanities Schools are keen to make their activities more visible across and beyond the University, and are open to supporting external collaborations and to facilitating relationships with partners from outside of academia, across all sectors, including cultural, heritage, science and industry.

In particular, Cardiff University’s role in the AHRC funded REACT Knowledge Exchange Hub provides easy to access and well supported opportunities for collaborations between the Creative Industries and Arts & Humanities academic research.

Funding is available from the AHRC and ESRC to support ‘Knowledge Transfer’ activities, which may support such collaborations. There are also opportunities for Humanities Research to collaborate with external companies through the successful Knowledge Transfer Partnership Scheme.