Humanities Connect Forum

The Humanities Connect Forum is made up of the Directors of Research and Impact Officers for each Humanities School, as well as representatives from the Library and Information Services, Research, Innovation and Enterprise Services and Rare Books & Music Strategy Group.

Representatives meet monthly to discuss research strategies and cross-Humanities research concerns in an open and collegiate manner.

If you wish to speak to a Member of the Humanities Connect Forum, please see the list of current members below:
Keir Waddington (SHARE) Chair
Cinzia Yates (RACDV) Secretary
Josef Lössl (SHARE)
John O’Connell (MUSIC)
Alison Wray (ENCAP)
Frances Rock (ENCAP)
Ann Heilman (ENCAP)
Colin Williams (WELSH)
Karin Wahl-Jorgenson (JOMEC)
Jenny Kitzinger (JOMEC)
Rachael Langford (EUROP)
Janet Peters (INSRV)
E. Wyn James (WELSH/Rare Books)
Ian Hargreaves (REACT)