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Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

To deliver our strategic plan, we’ll need to invest in the University. We’re developing a capital investment plan which will set the framework for our investment.

To make sure that we don’t miss a possibility, we’d like your ideas about what needs to be done, as well as suggestions for how we might do things differently.

So we’re looking for you to submit ideas on this webpage. These could be new suggestions, projects that are already in progress or that might have a wider application or problems that need solving.

These might include things like:-

  • New buildings
  • Refurbishments
  • Infrastructure
    • Learning resources
    • Teaching facilities
    • IT
    • Power / environmental
    • Research equipment
  • Changing the way we work
  • General environment – beyond the university
  • Other kinds of new services / new facilities
  • An insoluble issue that if solved would improve the university
  • Something you have done (or are trying to do) that should be rolled out so that others could benefit

You can browse ideas already submitted to see what others are thinking: all ideas will be reviewed and considered, and feedback given, so there’s no need to duplicate.

This is also a separate exercise to the recent call for ideas for research and REF initiatives – its about ideas for the longer term, not specific bids to a funding stream, so again there’s no need to duplicate here any idea you submit to that call.

If you use keywords it will help us to sift ideas and to spot those which have a common theme.

Thanks for your help!

Professor Elizabeth Treasure,
Deputy Vice-Chancellor