Return to the Azores – Day 3

The third day was the inverse of the previous, with us venturing to the Marcela site which is a cooler, less CO2 and an all together more earthworm-y site. After breaking the cloud level the temperature and drizzle was significantly more British but spirits could not be dampened! We were joined today by Armindo and given our experience from the previous day, worms were retrieved with no haste lost. Catarina once again recorded the ground characteristics before starting and again, we repeatedly found practically all transplanted worms alive and we were quickly on to the freezing of the individuals.

With all finished in a much quicker time, we returned to the university to prepare for the next day. Here, we met the true demon of science: Organisation. With 240 earthworms from 12 sites (Furnas and Marcela) to be prepared, processed and stored everything must be planned in advance so the rest of the day was spent labeling plasticware, filling eppendorfs with ethanol and writing labels ready for the next day!