Unacceptable Forms of Work: Global Dialogue / Local Innovation

Lydia Hayes is leading the assembly of a case study research team to advance interdisciplinary collaboration in the regulation of Domicile-based care.  Unacceptable Forms of Work (UFW) is a global phenomenon yet Australia and the UK have witnessed a dramatic rise in UFW in the care sector, in part due to the combination of market-orientated welfare and employment regimes unsuited to the fragmentation of labour.  The study foregrounds the propensity for casualised care work to host workplace mistreatment, in particular, gender-based violence and bullying.  Its focus on the regulation of UFW in care work contributes to emerging policy efforts to eliminate workplace violence, including the current International Labour Organisation initiative towards international standards on Violence Against Women and Men in the World of Work (107th Session ILC, June 2018).  The research team is comprised of LEAP members in HEALTH and CARBS, legal practitioners, UNISON, the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales, Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales, as well as RMIT academics in the Centre for People Organisation and Work, the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Australian Union Coalition in care work.