The LawLab draws in a wide range of actors from across Cardiff University and beyond. Funded through Cardiff University’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) for the Law, Experience and Practice network (LEAP), the LawLab Centre runs a wide range of events and workshops directed at enhancing collaboration between Cardiff University actors, between academics and students, and academics and industry, government, third sector, other Universities in the UK and Internationally, as well as the broader community at large.

With a membership of over one hundred individuals, many of whom are highly active within the network, we are able to engage a wide range of expertises and research interests to inform our work.  The leads for the LawLab and LEAP network consist of Nicky Priaulx and Lydia Hayes, who both work in Cardiff Law.  As a network, the Centre has a far broader range of personnel associated with it who work at other universities and institutions in the UK and internationally. In addition, the Centre has been and continues to be host to a range of associate members and visiting fellows.