Research projects

Devolution and Comparative Regional Governance
This research attracted a major ESRC grant comparing devolution and decentralization in Wales and Brittany under the Devolution Programme (rated ‘outstanding’), an ESRC grant on devolution and convergence/divergence in public policies, Leverhulme funding, as well as large grants from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (on international lessons from local and regional governance) and from the Swedish government. EGIPP organized two ESRC conferences in Cardiff around this work. Loughlin served as adviser to the ODPM on local government financing. Key books include: Beyond Devolution and Decentralization (MUP); Sub-national Democracy in the European Union (OUP); Sub-national Government in France (Palgrave).

Europeanization of Governance and Public Policies
This research attracted funding for research on France and Germany from ESRC, The British Academy and STICERT-LSE to support conferences and workshops at The British Academy (Dyson), as well as a British Academy large research grant (Cole). The Germany project represented the first systematic effort to refine and apply Europeanization to a single country and reflect on it in a wider comparative context. It involved a major international network of collaborators and led to a volume published as Proceedings of the British Academy Vol. 119/OUP – Germany, Europe and the Politics of Constraint. It also led to an edited volume on the Politics of Economic Reform in Germany: Global, Rhineland or Hybrid Capitalism? funded by the Anglo-German Foundation and DAAD.

The Nature and Impacts of European Economic Governance
This research was supported by British Academy and Nuffield Foundation grants, as well as the Anglo-German Foundation and DAAD, leading to major international conferences and workshops. Dyson led two EU Framework 6 activities: a research project on impacts of EMU on technical elites (INTUNE), and a network of excellence on EMU and EU enlargement. Following the first systematic study of the euro from the perspective of Europeanization in European States and the Euro (which is to appear in second edition in March 2008), Dyson’s research focus shifted to east central Europe and euro entry, with a major edited OUP book (2006) based on a British Academy research workshop and DAAD research funding.

The Political Dynamics of Policy Concertation and Social Partnership at National and EU levels
This research was funded by the European Commission and resulted in two tightly co-edited volumes by Compston – a systematic comparative analysis with Palgrave in 2001 and an EU-level analysis with Berghahn 2002, and an article by Compston in the top-rated European Journal of Political Research (2003). Compston has since, in 2004-05, secured a Leverhulme Research Fellowship to write a book provisionally entitled King Trends and the Future of Public Policy. This involves examining the implications for public policy of 20 major long-term technological, economic, social and environmental trends.

Comparative Governance of Labour Markets
This research has attracted a Leverhulme Research Fellowship and successive EU funding for cross-national research on employment policies (an international network led by Parsons).

Policy Learning and Constitutional Reform
This research was supported by an ESRC grant under the Future of Governance Programme. It has resulted in papers and panels at conferences in Rome, Canterbury, Manchester and the American Political Science Association annual meeting in Washington DC. Two full-length articles are in preparation, along with further empirical research on Italy.

Party Governance and Political Identity
(Donovan, Hanley)
This research has attracted British Academy research grant support (Hanley). Hanley applied the principal/agency approach to an examination of the relations between national and trans-national parties and explored long-term trends in French party governance, notably in Party, Society, Government: Republican Democracy in France. Donovan worked on the transformation of the Italian party system during the 1990s, especially the centre-right, in the context of party system theory.

Contemporary History and Politics of Catalonia
This research has focused on the political culture of Catalan nationalism, its origins, nature and effects, developing Dowling’s PhD and published as a chapter in The Politics of Contemporary Spain, ed. Sebastian Balfour (Routledge 2005).

Anglo-American Relations
This research was supported by a British Academy small great and led to the publication of a monograph entitled Anglo-American Relations and Cold War Oil (Palgrave, 2003).

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Global Era
This research was supported by a Leverhulme Research Fellowship and has led to the publication of a number of articles in refereed journals. It will also give rise to a book entitled French NGOs in the Global Era: Holding Out for a Better World (Palgrave).