Month: October 2017

UEB, 23 October 2017

Posted on 23 October 2017 by Mairwen Harris

The Welsh Government’s announcement that tuition fees in Wales would be frozen at £9,000 was noted and that full details of the Welsh Government budget would be announced on 24 October. It was noted that in a letter to the Prime Minister about harnessing science and technology for economic benefit across the UK, the Co-Chairs
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UEB, 16 October 2017

Posted on 16 October 2017 by Mairwen Harris

The award of the Nobel Prize for Physics to the creators of the LIGO detector and the contributions of the Gravitational Physics Research Group as a key part of the LIGO team was noted. It was noted that Professor de Leeuw had met with key representatives from KU Leuven and the Head of the Business
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UEB, 9 October 2017

Posted on 9 October 2017 by Mairwen Harris

It was noted that the Welsh Government had published the outline of their 2018/19 budget with an announcement of a £30 million ring-fenced fund, £10 million in each of the next three years, to support the higher education estate and UEB would receive a briefing when more detail was released on 24 October 2017. It
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UEB, 2 October 2017

Posted on 2 October 2017 by Mairwen Harris

It was noted that Professor Baxter and Professor Thomas had been involved in the annual institutional review meeting with MRC representatives. It was noted that the Water University Research Institute had been awarded a NERC DTP. The success of the Cardiff University Cardiff Half Marathon was noted and that Team Cardiff had raised £60K to
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