Information for Individuals with ASD



A message from Sue Leekam Director of WARC
Welcome! We hope that you will find these pages useful. We would like to share information with you about research for individuals with ASD, and to provide web links to places that offer information and support.

You may be newly diagnosed with ASD. You may have lived with ASD for a long time. Or perhaps you don’t have ASD but are interested in learning more. Whatever your experience, these pages are here to help you find out about more about research and to link you to new opportunities and information. The pages have been prepared with the advice and guidance of people with ASD. We will be continually adding new information and links and we welcome your feedback and ideas as the pages grow.

A message from Sarah Bunce, Student Volunteer Advisor of WARC
As a current student with a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, I help to provide an integrated insight at WARC into the everyday experiences of living with ASC. I assist with the current research at WARC, helping to pilot studies and answer queries, while providing an ASC perspective.

sarah bunce

I completed my first year of experimental psychology at the University of Bristol, before transferring into the second year at Cardiff University to study Psychology in 2014. I co-founded a student led autistic spectrum society at Cardiff University for students on the spectrum, of which I am the current president. I am also a member of the psychology society committee, one of the largest student societies and have won national awards.