The group currently is involved in the following research projects. PhD studentships may also be available. Please contact Prof Pan for further details.

PhD Projects

  • Development of Lattice Boltzmann Method on modelling nearshore waves and sediment transport
  • Modelling wind-wave interaction for extreme waves
  • Modelling long-term morphological change in Yellow River delta
  • Development of 3-D coastal morphological model
  • Modelling flood dynamics
  • Modelling long-term coastal morphology using EOF method
  • Modelling impacts of sea level rise on Welsh coasts
  • Water resources assessment in Iraq
  • Development 3-D coastal morphological model
  • Modelling flood dynamics

PhD Studentships

  • see School website for avaialbility

Recently completed projects

  • NERC: Integrating coastal sediment systems (iCOASST)
  • Climate Change Consortium for Wales (C3W) funded by HEFCW (01/10/2009 – 31/03/2014)
  • Hydro-environmental Assessment (LCRI Marine) funded by WEFO
  • Numerical Modelling of Sediment Transport and Medium to Long-term Evolution in Modaomen Estuary of the Pearl River funded by CHINA-MoST (01/01/2011 – 31/12/2014)
  • Innovative Coastal Technologies for Safer European Coasts in a Changing Climate (THESEUS) funded by EU-FP7 (1/12/2009 – 30/11/2013)
  • Research Exchange with China and India: Modelling the Impact of Climate Change on Microclimate System of Coastal Zone funded by RAEng ( July-Oct 2010)
  • Ensemble Prediction of Inundation Risk and Uncertainty arising from Scour (EPIRUS) funded by NERC (1/1/2007 – 31/10/2011)