The International Studies Research Unit (ISRU) is a research unit of the School of Law and Politics. ISRU addresses core contemporary questions in the theory and practice of world politics and global governance from an interdisciplinary perspective. It strategically links senior and junior scholars working on international political issues and seeks an active dialogue with international policymakers. The Unit also provides a stimulating and supportive research environment for our PhD and postdoctoral community working in this area. The Unit has developed particular expertise in the sub-fields of International Political Theory, International Political Sociology, International Organizations, and International Security. It collaborates with universities across the globe, is active in several associations and maintains relations with a range of key international organizations. The Unit hosts a lecture series that provides the platform for cutting-edge research and an engagement with policymakers. The Unit also runs an international visiting fellow programme.

Research on international relations and world politics has a long tradition in Cardiff that goes back to the early 20th century. ISRU was founded in 2009 as one of the three political science research units in what was then the School of European Studies. In a major restructuring in 2014, the Department of Political Science and International Relations joined forces with Cardiff Law School and ISRU is since one of the core research units within the School of Law and Politics. The status of the unit changed significantly when in 2015 International Relations research was significantly expanded. 20 new full-time permanent staff working in International Relations joined the Department from world-leading institutions in 2016. We are now one of the largest International Relations units in the United Kingdom.

ISRU activities are organized by a steering group which reflects the diversity of our research. Dr. Christian Bueger is the current ISRU convener. Contact him for further information.