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1st Day in Evolution 2013

An amazing place to attend to an amazing conference, and it’s all about evolution. It couldn’t be better!!! (yes it could, and in fact it just is because the food is not as bad as I thought!!!)

“This meeting is the premier annual opportunity for sharing scientific research related to evolution. Symposia presentations, concurrent contributed papers, and poster sessions will be presented by the 1,400 expected participants. Product and service providers will contribute to the meeting through their exhibits. Social activities will include an opening reception, mixers with each evening poster session”

Today we had the opportunity to attend a workshop about phylogenetics, very intensive but nevertheless very interesting and it is always a pleasure to meet the “holly cow” of phylogenetic analysis, Joe Felsenstein.

Snowbird is ” located at 2365 m (7,760 ft) elevation, just a short distance from Salt Lake City International Airport in Little Cottonwood Canyon on the west slope of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains.” – You can see more at: http://www.evolutionmeeting.org/

In fact the altitude is to high for us, so a bit of nausea and sleepy motion are the most common feelings  in our “two members” committee. Nevertheless, I feel always hungry and that is not a wise behaviour in America, there is always a lot of food around and large meals are rule of thumb.

The expectations are high and is hard to catch all the “juice” of the talks, as they are too many and everything occurs at the same time.

Well the natural views are amazing. Later Marta will post some photos.

Kisses from the mid of the hot and dry Utah