Nuno Ferreira

I am an environmental toxicologist, specializing in terrestrial isopods’ biology, but also with a great background in model organisms (invertebrate/vertebrate) such as daphnids, zebra fish, collembola, birds, etc. I am currently working as a Sêr Cymru Fellow in Cardiff University (UK) and also involved in several ecotoxicological projects in CIIMAR (Portugal).

I have been working in emergent pollutants and the metabolic pathways involved in its detoxification, policy making tools and environmental risk assessment. My project “MINTMetal Ion trafficking of Nanoparticles in Terrestrial isopods” aims to exploit the elegant and highly specific metal trafficking system of the terrestrial isopod hepatopancreas in Oniscus asellus, proactively evaluating the biological impact of new generations of nickel and gold nanoparticles.

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