Evolution 2013, Poster and Talk

Our job is done, and in fact well done!!! Marta was spreading charm all around the poster session, although earthworms do not capture the attention of the nervous observer Marta does.


The talk was also fine, some critically helpful questions which in fact agree with our main purposes, so in the end it was very fruitful.


Actually, the best news of the day came from UK, Congrats Pete, you deserve it and we are all happy for you. In fact is always cool to have one more reason to have some more beers…

As everything is happening at same time is hard to follow all the good talks, nevertheless the few we have more amazing questions and views we bring home, a lot to think about what to do in the future.

During the afternoon we went to a short but “strenuous” excursion to a waterfall, wow!!! lack of oxygen, accumulated fat and jet lag do not combine at all, but in the end it was satisfying, and according to Marta we had the perfect guide, the He-Man, very Americana style.