#IEOS2013 International Environmental Omics Synthesis Conference

The whole team is involved in the NERC IEOS2013 conference here in Cardiff this week with Prof. Kille as the conference organiser. Here is a list of the range of topics we’re covering:

Prof. Kille is opening and talking on ‘The functional ghost in the genome machine’.

Daniel Pass is presenting a talk on  “The earthworm microbiome and the effects of anthropogenic contamination on host-associated microbiota”

Ceri Morris has her poster “Toxicity screening via molecular endpoints”

Luis Cunha has his poster on “Inhabiting Multi-stressor soils: Persistence of an Earthworm  Under Extreme Volcanic Conditions”

Marta Novo’s poster is on “nanoparticle toxicology. Revealing the molecular mechanisms  underlying np mode-of action in the soil sentinel eisenia fetida.”

Goncalo Ferreria has a poster on his work “Tracking of novel potential biomarkers in Porcellionides pruinosus (Isopoda) exposed to nickel: a transcriptomic approach”

Pierfranchesco Sechi‘s poster is on “Phylogenomics and environmental niche modeling of the earthworm Lumbricus rubellus”

Also, for extra fun our lab alumni Craig Anderson is presenting a talk “Contemporary GBS for following and controlling the global pest Helicoverpa armigera.