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Worms a plenty – Atta Rainforest lodge.

Up with the dawn (5.30 am) and after my first cup of coffee for 3 days we set off a early morning recon to the forest and to walk the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. To walk in the tree tops is a spiritual experience as you find yourself speaking in hushed tones – it the library effect.

Steps in the forest
Walkway 1
Canopy pan
Canopy walkway

But after a wonderful breakfast it was time to get down to work – and the earthworm machine goes to work. Yes, we started at 7am and it was raining hard, and we sampled until midday, when it had just stopped raining. But the worms were rising – we found 10+ species inhabiting a range of niches from regular sized worms in sand and clay soils to 30-40 cm worms in litter layers, rotting trees and up water falls!!. Now this is where we start the brain wash because our guide John accompanied us, the first digging in watch in bemusement – George does get very excited over his worms – but after a few hours John was digging with shared enthusiasm and actually found the best specimens of the day. So cool to make another convert. The struggle is not finding worms it’s finding mature complete individuals when he can be use to classify the worm and may represent ‘type specimens’ if it turn out to be new to science. So we return for lunch covered in mud but very happy.

New forest
2017-06-28 19.53.54

That when having a room with a shower and a cooked lunch waiting makes things so much better!! John and the staff at the ATTA lodge are stars and if your ever going this way then you should visit – a bit off the beaten track but where else can you be surround by rain forest.

Atta lodge accomodation
Atta lodge dinner block
Room name Atta
Bedroom at atta
Bathroom at Atta

Worms sorted we load up and started up the road to the next stop the Iwokrama river lodge – this time we will perhaps arrive in the light.

Two giant worms
Big worm front
Worm on leaf
Bucket of worms
Worming in rain forest