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Dealing with disappointment but embracing successes

Dealing with disappointment but embracing successes

After the meeting with the Secretary of Indigenous affairs, we had our tails up and thought that we would get into the foothills of Mt Roraima and meet the people there. So we sat around ready go Saturday – mid morning message came through, no flights Saturday – but maybe Sunday. After a day kicking our heels on Saturday evening, the expected but heartbreaking news came through – no fights Sunday either. Although flying small planes that may fall out of the sky is not to be recommended — the disappointment of the cancelled mt Roraima hike together with this excursion was hard to swallow.

But Luis and I made our minds up not to sit around so we rented a car and went sampling 12 – 12 Sunday to Monday. Both days had great success. On Sunday, our guide was friendly – he gave us four pineapples and 10 oranges from his garden – Brazilians are great people.

I spent a little time on some tech research and found an app that would upload my pictures to the website and superimpose them on a map…so here you can see pictures from the complete trip. Enjoy – back to Guyana tomorrow. (Sorry these do not work on iPad – you will need Android or full computer)

Here is my album: Hookeworm summer 2017 – Guyana Leg

Here is my album: HookaWorm Summer 2017 – Brazil Leg

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