Graeme Garrard will be giving the Cardiff-Peking University Political theory presentation. Professor Garrard will be drawing on his widely reviewed recent book The Return of the State (Yale University Press) in the lecture:

‘On the State after neoliberalism’

Time & date: 1pm UK time, November 10th.

Title: The State After Neoliberalism

Abstract: The neoliberal experiment began in the West around 1980 and spread around much of the world.  Prior to that, it had been a pure theory since the 1940s.  Now, four decades on from the start of the experiment, we are in a good position to assess neoliberalism as both a theory and a practice.  As a practice it has failed almost everyone except the very well-off, largely owing to its fundamental theoretical flaws.  Now is a propitious moment to consider what should succeed neoliberalism as an economic system.  Western countries can learn from the balance between state and market that is common now in the economies of the Far East.

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