About us

The Centre was established in December 2007 with the aim of promoting and encouraging collaborative research into the question of ideology formation and the work of Slavoj Žižek.

The Centre produces an annual issue of the International Journal of Žižek Studies, for which we welcome enquiries and submissions all year round, and related publications such as themed collections and monographs. It hosts a research seminar series, organises conferences and provides intellectual support for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Centre’s approach to the analysis and critique of ideology draws on the central insight of Žižek’s work that in order to change the matrix of global capitalism it is essential to understand both the political economy and the deep libidinal attraction of the forms of exploitation and domination that have made us who we are.

In 2007-8, our research centred on the analysis of the theoretical foundations of Žižek’s work and its relationship to Foucault’s. Since 2009 the research strategy of the Centre focuses on two themes:

  1. Psychoanalysis and ideology critique
  2. Political economy and ideology critique

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Centre for Ideology Critique and Žižek Studies
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