Past Events

Dr. Milla Vaha (University of the South Pacific) “Let’s talk about reparations!: Cosmopolitan right in the context of coloniality of climate and irreversible loss and damage”
16th March 2022, Wednesday


Dr Christine Winter (University of Sydney)
“Unearthing the Time/Space/Matter of Multispecies Justice”
Wednesday, February 16th 2022

 Oliver Eberl (Hannover University), “The Cosmopolitan Challenge——Cosmopolitan Ideas in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century and beyond”

Date: November 25th, 2021

* * *

Alexander Mack  (ndependent Researcher, Norbert Elias Foundation Newsletter Editor), “The OPen Society and Attitudes to Transnational Migration: A process Sociological Approach to Liberal Democratic Anxieties”

Thursday 9th December 2021