Welsh Government guidance for foster carers

The most important legal provisions for foster carers in Wales are found in Regulations and Guidance.  The regulations in the other UK nations are different. Together, the Fostering Regulations and the Standards form the basis of the  regulatory framework under the Care Standards Act 2000 for the conduct of fostering services:

In addition, the Welsh Government has issued a range of guidance:

  1. Delegated Authority to Foster Carers  Sets out the process to list those items of autonomy in relation to the the everyday decision about the children in their care.
  2. National Minimum Maintenance Allowances for Foster Carers 2014-2017.  Sets out recommended national minimum maintenance allowances for foster carers by Local Authorities and independent fostering providers
  3. Independent Reviewing Mechanism   The IRM Panels independently review adoption and fostering suitability applications from potential and current adopters and foster carers, whose agency or fostering service provider has decided not to approve them as a foster carer or adopter, or to terminate or change the terms of their approval.  
  4. Private Fostering  New legislation, standards and guidance have been introduced in Wales from 1 April 2006
  5. When I Am Ready.  All local authorities are now setting up local schemes in line with the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 to provide for post-18 living arrangements which allow looked-after children to continue living with their foster carers beyond the age of 18. More resources on ‘When I Am Ready’ are available from The Fostering Network.