CV – Jorge Henriques


  • 2007: BSc in Functional and Systems Biology in Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon University (FCUL)
  • 2009: MSc in Conservation Biology in Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon University (FCUL)
    Contamination of trophic chain in Mediterranean wetlands: Conservation Implications

Previous experience

  • Amphibian census
  • Reptile census
  • Mammal census
  • Use of absorption spectofometry techniques for heavy metal determination mainly Direct Mercury Analysis (DMA), Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (ETAAS) and Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometry (AFS)


  • Henriques J. F., Tavares P.C., Correia-dos-Santos M.M., Trancoso M., Santos-Reis M. 2009. Dominant prey and vulnerability to contamination: Comparing white storks and otters as case study. VI Congresso Ornitologia SPEA e IV congresso de Ornitologia Iberico, 5- 8 December (2009), Elvas.


  • Henriques J.F., Tavares P.C:, Correia-dos-Santos M.M.3, Trancoso M.A.4, Santos-Reis M.(2009).Contamination by heavy metals in aquatic trophic webs: the case of otter and red-swampcrayfish. 27th Mustelid Colloquium, 18 – 20 November, Lisbon.