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The principle investigator for the project is Professor Phil Fennell.  Professor Fennell teaches Medical Law, Public Law and Legal Foundations at Cardiff Law School.  He has published many books and articles on mental health law and has worked as a special advisor to Parliamentary committees on mental health matters.  You can read more about Professor Fennell’s research and work here.  His telephone number is +44 (0)29 208 74344 and his email address is

Dr Lucy Series is a research associate who is employed to work on this project.  Lucy’s research is on legal capacity, deprivation of liberty and disability rights.  You can read more about her research and work here.  Her telephone number is +44 (0)29 208 74342 and her email address is

Professor Luke Clements is an expert on community care and disability rights law, and Dr Julie Doughty is an expert on the family courts.  They are consultants to the project, but will not be available to answer questions about its day to day running.