10. What books do you recommend on the Mental Capacity Act and the Court of Protection?

There are many excellent books on the MCA and the Court of Protection.  The list below is simply a list of some books which we have found helpful.

  • Ashton, G., Letts, P., Marin, M., Terrell, M., and Ruck Keene, A. ed. (2014) Court of Protection Practice 2014, Bristol: Jordan Publishing.
  • Bartlett, P. (2008) Blackstone’s Guide to The Mental Capacity Act 2005, Second ed., Oxford: OUP.
  • Bartlett, P. and Sandland, R. (2013) Mental Health Law: Policy and Practice, Fourth ed., Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Bowen, P. (2007) Blackstone’s Guide to The Mental Health Act 2007, Oxford: OUP. (This book contains a section on the MCA DoLS, which were introduced via an amendment under the Mental Health Act 2007)
  • District Judge Marc Marin (2010) The Family Lawyer and the Court of Protection, Bristol: Jordan’s Publishing Ltd.
  • Fennell, P. (2011) Mental Health: Law and Practice, Jordan Publishing Ltd: Bristol.
  • Gostin, L. O., McHale, J., Fennell, P., McKay, D. and Bartlet, P., eds. (2010), Principles of Mental Health Law Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Hale, B. (2011) Mental Health Law, 5th Edition ed., London: Sweet & Maxwell.
  • Jacob, R., Gunn, M. and Holland, A. (2013) Mental Capacity Legislation: Principles and Practice, London: Royal College of Psychiatry.
  • Jones, R. (2014) Mental Capacity Act Manual, 6th ed., London: Sweet and Maxwell.
  • Letts, P., ed. (2009) Assessment of Mental Capacity: A Practical Guide for Doctors and Lawyers.  3rd Edn.  London: The British Medical Association and the Law Society.
  • Ruck Keene, A., Edwards, K., Eldergill, A. and Miles, S. (2014) Court of Protection Handbook: A User’s Guide, London: Legal Action Group.