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We are delighted to welcome Tom Martin (Cardiff University) to the Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse team as part of the Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (CUROP).

Tom is a 2nd year English Literature and Language student with experience in both transcription and multimodality. During his 4 weeks on the project, Tom will play a vital role in the project’s first stage, namely identifying communicational cues to arrogance in the debates on controversial issues that we shall be staging and recording. Since we predict that many markers of arrogance will be non-verbal (gaze, gesture, intonation, etc.), we need a robust method of analysing the different communicational modes in the debates. Tom’s self-contained project will be to carry out a literature review of transcription and coding methods in multimodal discourse analysis with a view to identifying those which are most suitable for identifying aggressive communication.

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    Alessandra Tanesini

    Welcome Tom! and see you on Monday

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