Materials from Workshop 2

On Friday 20 October 2017, a group of leading academics met at the University of Bath to explore how we might identify arrogant behaviour in public debate.

Our speakers have kindly consented to make slides from and/or a podcast of their presentation available online. Please click the links below to download audio and presentation slides from our workshop (to download audio, please right-click and select ‘save link as…’).

  • Professor Anat Bardi (Royal Holloway University of London), ‘Understanding the motivational bases of unethicality’  Slides | Audio
  • Dr Gosia Gocłowska (University of Bath), ‘The helpful and unhelpful role of open-mindedness in public debate’ Audio
  • Dr Rob Holland (Radboud University, Nijmegen), ‘Overcoming arrogance: some lessons from the literature on implicit and explicit attitudes’ Audio
  • Dr Tim Kurz (University of Bath), ‘Might one person’s arrogance be another person’s moral conviction?’  Slides | Audio
  • Dr Travis Proulx (Cardiff University), ‘Invalid beliefs: Genetic essentialism and the reporting of political psychology’ Audio

We would like to thank all of our speakers for such an intellectually rewarding day!

Please note that, due to copyright restrictions and the sensitive nature of some content, not all slides or talks are available online. To see the full workshop programme, click here.

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