Materials from ‘Arrogance and Polarisation in Debate’ Conference

On 6-7 November 2017, a group of leading academics met at Cardiff University to explore the manifestations and causes of arrogance, polarisation, and closed-mindedness in public debate.

You can find a Storify of the event here, which covers the conference highlights.

Our speakers have also kindly consented to provide slides (and/or audio recordings) of their presentations online, which you will find below. Please click the links below to download audio and presentation slides from our workshop (to download audio, please right-click and select ‘save link as…’).

  • Alessandra Tanesini (Philosophy, Cardiff): “Vicious Attitudes”  Slides | Audio
  • Jonathan Webber (Philosophy, Cardiff) “Is Function a Fundamental Feature of Attitudes?”  Handout | Audio
  • Leaf Van Boven (Psychology and Neuroscience, Colorado): “Psychological Barriers to Bipartisan Support for Climate Policy in the United States”  Slides | Audio
  • Andrew Aberdein (Philosophy, Florida Institute of Technology): “Arrogance and Deep Disagreement”  Slides | Audio
  • Igor Grossmann (Psychology, Waterloo): “The Socrates Effect: Teacher’s Mindset, Wisdom, and Reasoning in a Polarized World” Slides | Audio
  • Emma Gordon (Philosophy, Edinburgh) and J. Adam Carter (Philosophy, Glasgow): “Is Searching the Internet Making Us Intellectually Arrogant?”  Slides | Audio
  • Steven J Spencer (Psychology, Ohio State University): Arrogance and Racial Bias Debates in US Politics Audio
  • Ulrike Hahn (Psychology, Birkbeck): “Can we get rational argument back into public debate?” Audio
  • Catarina Dutilh-Novaes (Philosophy, Groningen): “Metaphors for argumentation”  Slides | Audio
  • Ian James Kidd (Philosophy, Nottingham): “Appraising Metaphors for Argumentation” Audio
  • Chris Heffer (Linguistics, Cardiff): “Dogmatism and Bullshit: A Discourse Analytic Perspective” Audio
  • Lani Watson (Philosophy, Edinburgh): “Vices of Questioning in Public Discourse”  Slides | Audio
  • Greg Maio (Psychology, Bath): “Values and openness to change”  Slides | Audio

We would like to thank all of our speakers for such an intellectually rewarding day!

Please note that, due to copyright restrictions and the sensitive nature of some content, not all slides or talks are available online. To see the full conference programme, click here. Please also note that in the recordings speakers are walking around a fixed microphone, meaning in some of the talks the volume of the talk may gradually increase and decrease accordingly.

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