Reviews & Corrections


Reviews of Gravity’s Shadow can be found as follows. Please inform me if you know of others.

  • NEW SCIENTIST : 16 October 2004 (by Robert Matthews)
  • NATURE: 17 February 2005 (by Virginia Trimble)
  • TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT: 4 March 2005 (by David Hughes)
  • HISTORY OF PHYSICS NEWSLETTER: IX, 4, Spring 2005 (by Judah Levine)
  • PHYSICS WORLD:June 2005 (by David Blair)
  • AMERICAN SCIENTIST ONLINE: Sept/Oct 2005 (by Lee Smolin)
  • BRITISH JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY: 56, 4, 2005 (by Matthew Stanley)


This space will accumulate additions, amendments and corrections to the text of Gravity’s Shadow brought to the author’s attention by Scientists.

Page 438 note 5; July 2004: Massimo Cerdonio assures me that he refused all offers to become a big player in European interferometry, understanding that were he to dilute his efforts, the resonant detectors for which he has a particular passion would be put at risk.

Mavalvalla incorrectly spelled Malvalvalla beneath her photograph.


Typographical Errors by Page Number:

(If you find any typos in addition to the ones listed here please let me know in case there should be a second edition)

p 234 Note 1 is irrelevant. It repeats the note already present in the diagram. Perhaps the box in the diagram could be removed to save renumbering notes.

p 236 4th sentence: delete `rather than after’

p 236 three lines up: delete `yet’

p 238 Paragraph break should come before `I’ll start my richer description

p536 index lists seismic noise but nothing about seismic noise on p 536

p 544 footnote 6: `… ). But’ should be `…), but’ [ie, merge two sentences.

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