SEESHOP Workshop Series

SEESHOP 1 Conference (August 2007) Cardiff

The first SEE workshop was held at Cardiff on 16-19 August 2007. The main presenters were the contributors to the special issue of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science entitled Case Studies of Expertise and Experience to be published in December 2007. Abstracts and extended summaries of the papers are available from the links below.

The workshop was a successful and lively gathering with animated discussions about a range of topics, including the nature of tacit knowledge, the use of interactional expertise and the importance of retaining a role for specialist expertise. Whilst is it hard to judge the success of an event objectively, the fact that we now have firm plans for a another special issue based on the papers and offers to host SEESHOPS 2 and 3 suggests that something worthwhile is taking place.

     Abstracts for SEESHOP 1 [50.5 Kb]

     Summaries of papers at SEESHOP 1 [88.0 Kb]


SEESHOP 2 Conference (August 2008) Cardiff

The second SEESHOP conference was held at Cardiff in August 2008 with support from the British Academy and Stanford University via Jeff Shrager. Participants came from across Europe and the USA and many of the papers were subsequently presented at the Annual meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S), held jointly with the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology in Rotterdam.

The abstracts of the papers presented at the conference can be downloaded from the link below.

     SEESHOP 2 abstracts[69.5 Kb]

Details of the sessions at 4S/EASST can be obtained from the 4S archive of past meetings.

Anyone who would be interested in attending future workshops or even full-blown conferences on the topic of expertise please email Harry Collins or Rob Evans.


SEESHOP 3 Conference (November 2009) Cardiff

     SEESHOP 3 Programme [853 KB]


SEESHOP 4 Conference (August 2010) Berkeley

     SEESHOP 4 Report [57 KB]


SEESHOP 5 Conference(June 10-13, 2011) Cardiff

SEESHOP5 will be held in Cardiff.  It will start at midday on June 10th2011. The regular programme will end in the evening of June 12th with June 13th being a training day for those interested in using the Imitation Game.

This year’s SEESHOP will differ from others in that there those faculty members and Local Organisers who are cooperating with our ERC funded IMGAME project are invited. All are welcome to attend the entirety of the workshop.

A block of rooms at a favourable rate is being reserved at the Angel Hotel. A number of attendees are ‘invited’ and their expenses will be covered.

Related Resources

     SEESHOP 5 Programme [173.0 Kb]


SEESHOP 6 (June 08-10, 2012) Cardiff

Deadline for Abstracts: 31 March 2012

The sixth meeting (SEESHOP6) will be held in Cardiff from 8 (starting in the afternoon) to 10 June 2012.

SEESHOP6 will be split into two parts:

Part 1 provides a platform for the presentation and discussion of SEE-related research.  We invite contributions that add to SEE or the Third Wave programme, either through theoretical or empirical research.  The number of presentation slots is limited. If selected, contributors are expected to present for a maximum of 20 minutes with 40 minutes reserved for discussion.

Part 2 is dedicated to the in-depth development of particular aspects of SEE and the Third Wave programme.  The following topics are currently considered:

  • A discussion of the role and characteristics of democratic institutions under 3W
  • Adjustments to the Periodic Table of Expertises in the light of recent research
  • Exploring the prospects for joint grant applications to NSF and ESRC
  • Work on the ‘Interactive Map of SEE/ Third Wave’

The actual weight given to the two parts will depend on submissions and expressed interest.

There is limited funding available to assist participants with travel and accommodation costs.  If you need such assistance, please mention it in your application.


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