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This section provides a selection of recent news found in online newspapers and magazines related with policies, management and treatment of waste and their impact on social welfare. We hope you find them interesting and useful.

17/10/2017 – MIT News – A new way to harness wasted methane

14/12/2015 – West Virginia University – WVU leads efforts to study recovery of rare earth elements from coal mining waste

09/08/2017 – FoodManufacture – Modern alchemy: profiting from food waste

15/03/2017 – The Telegraph – Nobel Prize winner Sir Fraser Stoddart hopes to turn gold mines green

23/02/2015 – The Guardian – The future of waste: five things to look for by 2025

25/04/2017 – Independent – Discovery of plastic-eating worms offers chance to finally get rid of world’s growing piles of litter

17/07/2017 – The Telegraph – Here’s how mining can reinvent itself for the modern age

23/02/2016 – Resource – Potential breakthroughs for biofuel and AD

9/10/2014 – Materials World – Bacteria for biomining

12/04/2016 – Business Green – It’s time for businesses to get their hands dirty and embrace landfill mining

10/03/2016 – New Scientist – Bacteria found to eat PET plastics could help do the recycling

12/04/2016 – Waste360 – High-Tech Biological Systems Show Promise in Treating Leachate

02/12/2015 – Belfast Telegraph – ‘Clean tech’ hub on old landfill site eyes top end anchor tenant

01/12/2015 – Waste Management World – Drones Monitoring Methane Emissions from UK Landfill

16/11/2015 – The Times – Why our sewage is worth its weight in gold

16/11/2015 – The Telegraph – Gold worth millions is flushed into British sewers every year

08/10/2015 – The Times – Mealworms offer answer to landfill

21/09/2015 – The Guardian – US may be drastically underestimating landfill emissions – study

20/08/2015 – Mining – Heap Leach: Mining’s breakthrough technology

03/08/2015 – The Independent – Nature Studies: Restoring natural habitats is expensive – but it’s worth every penny

30/06/2015 – CORDIS – NANOREM: early results confirm the potential of nanoparticles for soil and water remediation

26/08/2014 – The Guardian – Abandoned landfills polluting UK rivers, research finds

29/10/2011 – The Telegraph – Tipping point: what happens when our landfills are full?

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