Barthes Studies is an open-access, independent, peer-reviewed journal for research in English on the work of Roland Barthes.

Our inaugural volume appeared on 12 November 2015 – Barthes’s 100th birthday – and we publish a new volume on 12 November of each year. The Reviews Editor for volumes 1-5 was Callie Gardner.

We do not charge authors to publish in the journal, and all articles are completely free to read.


Articles submitted for consideration should represent original work which has not been published elsewhere, and should not be submitted elsewhere for publication while under review here.

Articles should be in English and should normally be between 5000 and 9000 words in length. (Researchers who wish to publish on Barthes in French might wish to consider the Revue Roland Barthes.)

Quotations from Barthes’s work should be given either solely in English or in both French and English, using published translations wherever possible. (Published translations may be modified if you wish, but please indicate that you are doing so.) If you are quoting from a text which is not available in English, please provide your own translation. References to Barthes’s Oeuvres complètes can be to either the five-volume revised edition of 2002 or the original three-volume version of 1993-5, but please do not mix editions within the same essay (unless, of course, there is a specific intellectual reason for doing so).

Material should be submitted electronically in the form of a Microsoft Word file to the editor at BarthesStudies@Cardiff.ac.uk. Please do not send PDF files.

All article submissions are subject to the standard academic process of anonymous peer review.

The final version of an accepted manuscript should adhere to the endnote referencing format outlined in the MHRA Style Guide, which is available free online here.

Proofs will be sent to authors in the form of PDF files. They should be corrected and returned to the editor within one week. Only minor alterations to the text can be accepted at proof stage.


Proposals for special issues are always welcome and should be discussed with the journal’s editor (BarthesStudies@Cardiff.ac.uk).


Book reviews should normally be 750-1000 words in length for a single volume. We are open to proposals for longer review essays on major publications in the field. All correspondence regarding reviews should be addressed to Jennifer Rushworth (the journal’s Reviews Editor) at: j.rushworth@ucl.ac.uk

Review copies should be sent to:
Dr Jennifer Rushworth
School of European Languages, Culture and Society
131 Foster Court
University College London
Gower Street
United Kingdom


It is a condition of publication that authors vest or license copyright in their articles with Barthes Studies, under Creative Commons licensing. (See below.) The journal will ensure full copyright protection (according to the terms of ‘fair use’) in disseminating materials to the widest possible audience under Open Access terms. Authors are free to use their articles elsewhere following publication, provided that prior notification is given to the editor of Barthes Studies and that the original place of publication is acknowledged. Authors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to cite/reproduce copyright material from other sources.

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